ICCV 2019 Workshop & Challenge on

Computer Vision for Wildlife Conservation (CVWC)

Oct-27, 2019 @ Room-327A, COEX Convention Center, Seoul, Korea


Conservation of wildlife is important to maintaining a healthy and balanced ecosystem, and ensuring the continued biodiversity of our world. In particular,endangered species serve as an important indicator for biodiversity and environmental health. Governments around the world along with environmental organizations such as WWF (World Wildlife Fund) have dedicated many resources and projects to protect endangered species.

Critical to wildlife conservation is monitoring trends in the geospatial distribution of wildlife, and tracking population. This foundational data guides resourcing and strategies for wildlife protection, and potentially alert for situational changes that impact endangered species. Growing challenges such as wide range of activity, poaching, loss of habitat, and others have made tracking wildlife an increasingly difficult task. Fortunately, computer vision techniques have shown promises in addressing several of these challenges, since we are now able to collecting plenty of imagery data from camera trap or even UAVs, and use this imagery to build edge-to-cloud systems for wildlife conservation. From the edge deployment perspective, CV techniques can be applied to smart imaging sensors to capture wildlife related images/video and monitor wildlife. Because cloud systems have access to significantly more compute, we can apply more sophisticated tasks such as re-identifying certain wildlife individuals from a large amount of photos from distributed cameras, tracking movement patterns, and aggregating population information across multiple sensors.

This workshop aims to enhance the social responsibility of the CV community, and bring together researchers in the community to advance wildlife conservation using CV techniques from 3 aspects:

  • Welcome contributed papers in a broad area of CV for wildlife conservation.
  • Organize a challenge on dataset we collected for Amur tiger conservation with tasks like tiger detection, pose estimation and re-identification.
  • Foster new ideas and directions on "CV for wildlife conservation" with invited talks and panel discussions from both the CV community and traditional wildlife conservation community.


Jianguo Li
Intel Labs
Weiyao Lin
Shanghai JiaoTong University
Hanlin Tang
Intel AI Lab
Greg Mori
Simon Fraser University
Joachim Denzler
Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Invited Speakers

Pietro Perona
Jingdong Wang
Microsoft Research Asia
Subhransu Maji
UMass Amherst
Oisin Mac Aodha
University of Edinburgh
Rohit Singh
Peiqi Liu


  • We have realsed test-set ground truth and evaluation scripts, please check official repo.
  • May 8: Website online.
  • June 14: Challenge dataset paper released to public at arxiv:1906.05586 .
  • June 26: Paper submission site opens at CMT.
  • June 30: Training set of challenge released.
  • July 26: Testing dataset released and evaluation server now open.
  • August 12: Challenge results released. An extended evaluation for ATRW dataset is available at here.
  • August 19: Accepted paper announced at here.
  • September 6: Preliminary program released.
  • October 27: Workshop successfully held. Thanks all our contributors, invited speakers, sponsors.

Call for Papers

Please refer to the CFP page for call-for-paper and submission information.


Congratulation to our challenge winners.

  • Track-1: Orest Kupyn (Ukrainian Catholic University) and Dzmitry Pranchuk (WANNABY) to win 3K USD Google Cloud Platform Credits.
  • Track-2: Zhipeng Luo, Zhenyu Xu, Bin Dong, Feng Ni, Yuehan Yao (Deepblue Tech) to win Intel Gifts award.
  • Track-3&4: Cen Liu, Linjun Guo, Rong Zhang (Ningbo University) to win 7K USD Google Cloud Platform Credits.
Please refer to the challenge page for more details of the challenge.

Important Dates

Training/validation dataset + development kit released June 28, 2019
Testing dataset released July 26, 2019
Regular contributed paper submission July 31, 2019
Result submission August 2, 2019
Challenge result notification August 9, 2019
Challenge solution paper submission August 15, 2019
Acceptance notification August 23, 2019
Camera-ready August 30, 2019
Workshop October 27, 2019


Contact: cvwc2019 AT hotmail.com. Any question related to the workshop such as paper submission, challenge participation, etc, please feel free to send email to the contact mailbox.